There isn’t much to say right now about my father. This evening will mark exactly two weeks that he’s been sleeping inside the psych ward. I’ve only missed one night in regards to visiting. I was feeling ill and was afraid that I would make him sick. He seems to be a little different with each passing day. Some days he says he’s good and then the next day he’s completely agitated or he’s back down in the dumps.

I’ve been utilizing my alone time with painting our bathroom vanities. It is surprising to me how therapeutic it’s been. I feel myself kind of slipping into more of my introverted side. I have all this free time, yet I do not care to really seek out others and get my socializing in while I’m free.

In fact, five days ago I even deleted my Facebook account. I don’t have any other social media accounts. Facebook has become this world of hate in my view. I post my blog, people read it and then there’s a few that reach out personally to ask me how things are. It’s nice to discover those empathetic types. I doubt anyone has even noticed I’m gone. No one has asked me. I’ve always used Facebook as a way to communicate little funny things or great happenings. Most these days are just too full of hate. Politics will ruin friendships. Plus, when you’re feeling like life is a train wreck and someone is posting about their bad day, you become a bit snarky when you discover their bad day consist of just having to wake up. Whatever.

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